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Whether you are a seasoned church-goer or have never set foot in a church, we would love to welcome you to our services at Holy Trinity.


We are a relaxed and diverse congregation with a family ethos. We absolutely love having children and young people around and we want them to feel included in whatever way suits them, whether that's by taking on a  'job' or by simply by sitting and colouring (this also applies to adults!). If your children are active and a little noisy, we celebrate the life they bring! 


Our main worship service is at 11.15 am every Sunday

  • First Sundays, 11.15 am, Songs of Praise with hymns, a short reflection and prayers

  • Second Sundays, 11.15 am, Sung Eucharist (Holy Communion) 

  • Third Sundays, 11.15 am, Celtic contemplative Worship

  • Fourth Sundays, 11.15 am, gentle healing service incorporating the Eucharist and optional laying on of hands and anointing with oil

Recent Sermons

Good Friday sermon 15 April 2022

Maundy Thursday sermon14 April 2022

Breathe 24 April 2022



Every Sunday at 11.00 am

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